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        Phoenix Dance Band

    [Review]     [Booklet Notes]     [Tracklist]     All Fired Up

Firebird Records FBR 005   15 tracks, 58 minutes   £10.00

Ten years after their first CD - after the fire - Phoenix return with 43 more less-than-well-known tunes,
forged into 15 new dance sets by several years of playing for dancing at numerous clubs and festivals.

They've found it great fun getting it all together and, with Sidmouth, Haddenham, Bath and Oxfolk Ceilidhs
lined up in the diary, they're All Fired Up about the future!


Edward II and the Red Hot Polkas

The Early Recordings 1985-85         [Booklet Notes]     [Tracklist]     [Review]

MTCD405   22 tracks, 81 minutes   £10.00

E II started as a dance band in Cheltenham in 1980, and recorded three cassettes, Demos, Promos and Ethos in 1985 and 1986.  They were thinking about calling their next cassette d'Artagnan - but in 1987 the Cooking Vinyl record company came along with an LP offer, so that ended the series of pretentious record titles!

All the cassette tracks, from "the best little English dance band on the planet" as someone called it back then.


I Wish There Was No Prisons

    [Review]     [Booklet Notes]     [Tracklist]     Various performers

MTCD372 + 28 page integral booklet in DVD case   £12.00

31 tracks, 81 minutes.

From the Mike Yates collections, 1964 - 1978.  The follow-up to the Harry Upton CD - containing the two songs for which there was insufficient space there - plus lots more that are versions of songs which Harry sang, others are sung by people that Harry knew, and songs that Harry would probably have recognised as being the sort of thing that he liked to sing.

29 songs and two recitations from Harry Upton, Johnny Doughty, George Spicer, Louise Fuller, George Attrill, Fred Jordan, William Harding, Bill Whiting, Percy Bridges, The Cantwell Family, Alice Green, Cyril Nunn, Freda Palmer, Son Townsend, Fred Welfare, and Ruth and Clare Pinner.  We believe that none of these recordings are currently available on CD.


Harry Upton

Why Can't it Always be Saturday?         [Booklet Notes]     [Tracklist]     [Review]    

MTCD371 + 24 page integral booklet in DVD case   £12.00

22 tracks, 78 minutes

Harry Upton was born in 1900 in Hove, Sussex.  His father, Frank, from whom he learned most of his songs, was a shepherd from West Blatchington and must have been born c.1865 and, to Harry's knowledge, had been a shepherd on the South Downs all his life.  By the time he was 13, Harry had left school and was working as his father's shepherd boy.  He worked with his father for about five years and then left to become a carter, working with horses on the Dyke Hills, beyond Brighton.  Harry worked with horses until his marriage in 1927 when he moved to Balcombe to work as a tractor driver, a job that was to last for 40 years.

This CD contains almost all of the songs he let Mike Yates record - including Canadee-I-O and The Wreck of the Northfleet.

        Travellers' Songs from England and Scotland CD-ROM

    Digital book with embedded MP3 files,
[List of Songs]       [Review]           by Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seeger

MTCD254   £12.00    

MacColl and Seegerís 1977 book was years ahead of its time in terms of its detailed consideration of all aspects of Gypsy and Traveller songs and culture in the UK.  The Introduction and Music Notes are hugely informative, as are the 12 pages on the 18 singers.  All the 131 songs (in 155 versions) are here as full length MP3 recordings, along with the original texts and staff notations.


David Stacey

Good Luck to the Journeyman         [Booklet Notes]     [Tracklist]     [Review]

MTCD360 + 24 page integral booklet in DVD case   £12.00

24 tracks, 74 minutes

David Stacey was born and brought up in Saffron Walden, Essex, in 1943.  From his twenties he spent many years alternating between archaeology in Israel and apple and hop picking in Kent.  There he met Mary Ann Haynes' son Ted, and Nelson Ridley's nephew Henry - and through them, many other Gypsies and Travellers in the area.  He was privy to many of the sing-songs they participated in, and learned a good number of their songs.  Back home, in later life, he encountered a number of other Travellers in north Essex and Cambridgeshire, and a local traditional singer, Walter Jarvis - learning more songs on the way - in addition to the repertoire he'd acquired from books and records.  This is a most interesting and unusual CD.

        Vaughan Williams in Norfolk CD-ROM
    Digital book with embedded midi files,
[List of Songs]                                                 by Alan Helsdon

Requires the free Adobe Acrobat Reader - MTCD253   £12.00    

Ralph Vaughan Williams spent nine days in and around Kingís Lynn in January 1905 and September 1906.  He collected 86 songs and four dance tunes from 20 singers - one of whom also played the fiddle.  Along with much else, this book presents: his itinerary; a narrative account of the trips; all the songs and tunes as PDF pages with song texts, staff notation and playable midi sound files of their tunes; and a very substantial page of information on the singers.


Sam Larner

Folklore Society Non-Print Media Award
Winner 2014-16
Cruising Round Yarmouth         [Booklet Notes]     [Tracklist]     [Review]    

MTCD369-0 Two CDs + 48 page integral booklet in DVD case   £16.00

67 tracks, 149 minutes

The 1958/60 recordings by Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seeger of this wonderful Norfolk singer - 65 songs and fragments, plus four spoken passages, give a great impression of Sam's life and times - pretty-well his complete recorded repertoire is here.

But, most of all, it's the startling quality of his singing which is so impressive.


I Pray You Pay Attention

[Review 1]    [Review 2]     [Booklet Notes]     [Tracklist]     and listen to my song

MTCD367-8 + 48 page integral booklet in DVD case   £16.00

50 tracks, 156 minutes.

Keith Summers, MT's original editor, died on 30th March 2004, shortly after the release of The Hardy Sons of Dan (MTCD329-0), the double CD of his 1977-83 Co Fermanagh recordings.  This present double CD may be seen as volumes 3 & 4 of that set, and is issued to mark the 10th anniversary of Keith's death.

Many of the same singers are here, plus a good number of others, giving a great selection of traditional songs, ditties, and hunting songs from around Lough Erne's shore - but no more football songs.


Caroline Hughes

Sheep-Crook and Black Dog         [Booklet Notes]     [Tracklist]     [Review]

MTCD365-6 Two CDs + 48 page integral booklet in DVD case   £16.00

90 tracks, 142 minutes

This legendary Gypsy singer is thought by many to be the finest exponent of the art.  In addition, we have a few songs from her husband, brother-in-law, daughter, and Emily Baker, another singer in their Traveller group.  These are the rarely heard 1963 and 1966 recordings made by Ewan MacColl, Peggy Seeger and Charles Parker, which we're proud to make widely available for the first time.  All Caroline Hughes' best-known songs are here, plus many more including eight never before heard, which have been allocated new Roud Numbers.  If the fragmentary nature of some of her songs displeases you, just enjoy the wonderful tunes, the variable verse lengths, long and short lines, and her brilliant musicianship.

Folklore Society Non-Print Media Award Winner 2012-14

Cecilia Costello

[Review]     [Booklet Notes]     [Tracklist]     "Old Fashioned Songs"

MTCD363-4 + 44 page integral booklet in DVD case   £16.00

Two CDs, 89 tracks, 155 minutes.

This great singer from Birmingham was just one generation away from rural Ireland, with a repertoire ranging from a never before collected English revenant ballad to the music-hall and pop songs of her youth.  CD 1 contains all the Leader and Folktrax 1951 recordings, while CD 2 has 63 songs recorded in 1967 and '71 by Charles Parker, Roy Palmer and Jon Raven, none of which have been previously released.  Both include passages of speech about the songs and her life.  Another 'complete recorded repertoire' release from MT Records.


The Willett Family

Adieu to Old England         [Booklet Notes]     [Tracklist]    

MTCD361-2 + 28 page integral booklet in DVD case   £16.00

2 CDs - 35 tracks, 101 minutes

Topic released their first ever LP of English traditional singers in 1963 - The Willett Family: A Roving Jouneyman.  They acknowledged the help of Ken Stubbs, who first located and recorded the Willetts.  Musical Traditions Records are now - 50 years later - very pleased to be able to present those first 31 Ken Stubbs recordings, plus 4 tracks from elsewhere, making this the complete recorded repertoire of the Willett Family ... generally accepted as amongst the finest English Gypsy singers ever recorded.

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