Other CDs

Alberto Balia

Baxiu e Contra
A meeting between Sardinian poetry and music.  A worthy succsessor to the amazing Ritmia: forse il mare (below).
Tronos AB01   9 tracks, 43 minutes + 16 page booklet £10.00


forse il mare
The truly wonderful Italian/Sardinian quartet of Riccardo Tesi, Alberto Balia, Enrico Frongia and Daniele Craighead, first published in 1986.
SFO 004   4 tracks, 37 minutes + 2 page booklet £5.00

Sard Polyphonies

Various cantu á tenores and coro
A compilation of the superb 1979-91 benchmark field recordings of the cantu á tenores genre, and Sardinian sacred coro polyphony.
SFO 003   20 tracks, 78 minutes + 8 page booklet £5.00

Rice Girls

Women's Songs from the Ricefields and Farms
Fabulous female polyvocality in the Po valley - 1950s and '60s.  Booklet in English.
SFO 003   20 tracks, 78 minutes + 8 page booklet £5.00

Gordon Hall

Good Things Enough
Dedicated to the immortal memory of Gordon Hall.  His only CD - back in stock again.
Country Branch CBCD095  11 tracks, 68 minutes £12.00

Bob Lewis

The Painful Plough
Brand new recordings of the fine Sussex singer.
RUST105  11 tracks, 68 minutes £12.00