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Oh, Listen Today

The roots of American Old-Timey fiddle music
Thirty tracks of vintage American Old-Timey fiddle music, with tunes that are derived from Britain and Europe.  Includes such well-known names as: Ed Haley, Fiddlin’ Doc Roberts, Narmour & Smith, Emmett Lundy, The Red-Headed Fiddlers, Edden Hammons, and many others.
MTCD517   30 tracks, 78 minutes   £12.00


English Gypsy Musicians
Features fiddler Harry Lee - from whom only two tunes appeared on the LP Boscastle Breakdown.  here we present Harry's complete recorded repertoire of 18 tunes, here for the first time.  Also Vanslow Smith, a fiddler and box player with 11 tracks here.  Also 9 tracks from Lemmie Brazil (melodeon), plus one track each from: Jasper and Levi Smith (mouthorgan & tambourine); Jasper and Darby Smith (mouthorgan & guitar); Joe Dozer Smith (diddling); Mary Biddle (diddling); Walter Aldridge (mouthorgan); and John Locke (fiddle) playing his Hornpipe, from the cylinder recording!
MTCD373   45 tracks, 63 minutes + 32 page booklet   £12.00

Phoenix Dance Band

All Fired Up
Phoenix return with 43 more less-than-well-known tunes, forged into 15 new dance sets.
FBR 005   15 tracks, 58 minutes   £10.00

Edward II and the Red Hot Polkas

The Early Recordings 1985-86
All the early tracks from "the best little English dance band on the planet!"
MTCD405   22 tracks, 81 minutes   £10.00

Fred 'Pip' Whiting

Old-time hornpipes, polkas and jigs
A representative selection of fiddle tunes from Fred 'Pip' Whiting, of Suffolk.  This CD may be seen as a companion-piece to our earlier Stephen Baldwin CD (MTCD334).
MTCD350  42 tracks, 69 minutes + 16 page booklet   £12.00

Stephen Baldwin

"Here's One You'll Like, I Think"
Containing all the 59 known recordings of Gloucestershire's Stephen Baldwin - village and Morris dance fiddler.  The 28-page booklet contains pretty-well all that is known about him and his family, as well as some information about his musical neighbours in the Forest.
MTCD334  59 tracks, 73 minutes + 28 page booklet   £12.00

Ray Andrews

Classic English Banjo
Almost every tune he is known to have recorded - tapes from the mid-seventies and eighties, mostly previously unreleased.
MTCD314  26 tracks, 74 minutes + 32 page booklet   £12.00

Alberto Balia

Baxiu e Contra
A meeting between Sardinian poetry and music.  A worthy succsessor to the amazing Ritmia: forse il mare (below).
Tronos AB01   9 tracks, 43 minutes + 16 page booklet £10.00

The English Country Dance Band

Barn Dance
26 tunes for 14 dances with full dance instructions.
SFO 002   14 tracks, 57 minutes + 9 page booklet £5.00


forse il mare
The truly wonderful Italian/Sardinian quartet of Riccardo Tesi, Alberto Balia, Enrico Frongia and Daniele Craighead, first published in 1986.
SFO 004   4 tracks, 37 minutes + 2 page booklet £5.00


after the fire
An hour and a quarter's worth of gloriously played hornpipes, jigs, polkas and more, from England and across the world.
FBR 001   16 tracks, 76 minutes + 8 page booklet £10.00

Billy Harrison & Jim Eldon

Yorkshire fiddle tunes, songs and carols
Lots of grand tunes, some in harmony parts, on fiddles and cello.  Songs and carols, and stories of music making in the early years of the 20th century.
MTCD201   21 tracks, 25 minutes  £10.00

Will Duke

Out of the Box
20 tunes and 6 songs from this great English singer and superlative anglo concertina player.
CBCD235   19 tracks, 64 minutes £12.00

Rod Stradling + Feckless

Rhythms of the Wold
Due to popular demand, the original Rogue Records cassette version from back in 1991, of which a large box-full has just turned up - hence the knock-down price of just a fiver!
FMSC 3021   14 tracks, 62 minutes £5.00

Morgan MacQuarrie

Over the Cabot Trail
A selection of fiddle tunes from Morgan MacQuarrie of Inverness County, Cape Breton, accompanied by Gordon MacLean, piano.  12 tracks of typical Cape Breton medleys, totalling 55 tunes in all.
MTCD511  12 tracks, 69 minutes + 20 page booklet   £12.00

Roger Cooper

Essence of Old Kentucky
A selection of fiddle tunes from Roger Cooper, of Lewis County, Kentucky, accompanied by Robin Kessinger, guitar, and Michael Garvin, bass and occasional guitar.  A compilation of the 34 tunes on the original Rounder CD, no longer available.
MTCD510  34 tracks, 71 minutes + 24 page booklet   £12.00

Art Galbraith

Dixie Blossoms
A selection of fiddle tunes from Art Galbraith of Springfield, Missouri, accompanied by Gordon McCann, guitar.  A compilation of the 16 tunes on the original Rounder LP, plus 17 more, recorded specially for the purpose in 1984, but never published.
MTCD509  33 tracks, 72 minutes + 16 page booklet   £12.00

Push Them Clouds Away

Old Time Country Music 1924-38
Tweedy Brothers, Gibson String Trio, Aaron Sisters, Fiddlin' John Carson & Moonshine Kate, Albert Bellson, and many more ...
MTCD101  20 tracks, 59 minutes + 4 page booklet   £10.00

Old Ship Sailing for the Promised Land

White Gospel Music 1926-38
Ernest Phipps' Holiness Singers, Doc Walsh, William Rexroat's Cedar Singers, Ben Jarrell, and many more ...
MTCD102  18 tracks, 55 minutes + 4 page booklet   £10.00

Yearlings in the Canebreak

Texas Fiddle Music 1924-30
18 tracks from: Capt M J Bonner, The Red Headed Fiddlers, Prince Albert Hunt, Chenoweth's Cornfield Symphony Orchestra, Fiddlin' Jim Pate.
MTCD103  18 tracks, 53 minutes + 4 page booklet   £10.00

Where the Southern Crosses the Dog

Mississippi Fiddle Music 1928-35
16 tracks from: The Nations Brothers, Narmour & Smith, The Ray Brothers, Milner & Curtis.
MTCD104  16 tracks, 48 minutes
+ 4 page booklet   £10.00

John 'Seven Foot Dilly' Dilleshaw

Georgia Bust Down 1930
To acquire the small stack of 78s that have been gathered together on this CD would call for the patience of a seasoned angler and a bankroll as big as the Ritz - Tony Russell.
MTCD105  16 tracks, 52 minutes + 4 page booklet   £10.00

Complete Set of American Old Time CDs
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