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Robert Leng and Jossy 'Pop' Mainprize with Jim Eldon

Songs and Tales from Flamborough Head
In 1988, Jim Eldon was gathering material for a cassette album of East Yorkshire fireside tales, and a friend took him to Flamborough and introduced him to Robert Leng and Jossy 'Pop' Mainprize.  The few snippets of ditties that had been dotted among the stream of tales grew into a whole repertoire of songs as more were remembered.  Eventually a cassette of songs and one of tales were issued on Jim's Stick Records label.

The fishermen's tales and poaching yarns speak for themselves.  There is very little editing in the stories section of this collection.  One yarn would spark another and the titles and track separations are just there to help you navigate through them if you want to revisit a particular favourite.

MTCD203   25 tracks, 45 minutes   £10.00

Freda Palmer

Leafield Lass
Freda Palmer was born in, and lived most of her younger life in, Leafield, Oxfordshire.  Later, she mover to nearby Witney, where these recordings were made.  From the age of eleven, she was employed as a glover - making gloves, together with her mother at times, but mostly with her Aunt Annie, and it was from her that she learn most of her songs, as they sat across the table together, sewing their gloves.

It was only in her later years that she was encouraged to visit folk clubs and festivals as a performer.  But to have a repertoire of sixty or so songs, and to sing 35 of them off the cuff in one day when Alison McMorland visited her was quite an achievement.  And the account of her life found in these pages shows that she was an almost unbelievably hard-working woman.  The don't make 'em like Freda any more!

MTCD375-6   56 tracks, 132 minutes + 48 page integral booklet   £16.00

Vaughan Williams in Norfolk : Vol 2

The 1905-6 collections from the Broads and the South
This is Volume 2 of the Vaughan Williams in Norfolk CD-ROM (MTCD253), we published in 2014.  It covers the three Norfolk collecting trips Ralph Vaughan Williams made in April 1908, October 1910 and December 1911.  He met some 22 singers and collected 93 songs from them.  As before, they are presented in staff notation, with full texts, and with link to MIDI sound files of the tunes, and there's a very substantial page of information on the singers.
MTCD255     £12.00
List of Songs   

The Two Bobs' Worth

Bob Lewis & Bob Copper
The two Bobs were recorded at Nellie's folk club in Tonbridge, back in 1999, where they were performing together as The Two Bobs' Worth.  Given that they were recorded on a mini-disc machine, the recordings are excellent, and the singing is just glorious!

These were sung by Bob Lewis first, alternating with Bob Copper, and are presented in the order they occurred in performance, with no songs missed out.  This is an absolutely splendid record; Bob Copper accompanies himself on concertina for most of his songs, and I have never heard Bob Lewis in better voice.  MT Records' 10% Sales Royalties will go to support the Sussex Traditions organisation.

MTCD373   20 tracks, 80 minutes + 32 page integral booklet   £12.00


English Gypsy Musicians
Features fiddler Harry Lee - from whom only two tunes appeared on the LP Boscastle Breakdown.  here we present Harry's complete recorded repertoire of 18 tunes, here for the first time.  Also Vanslow Smith, a fiddler and box player with 11 tracks here.  Also 9 tracks from Lemmie Brazil (melodeon), plus one track each from: Jasper and Levi Smith (mouthorgan & tambourine); Jasper and Darby Smith (mouthorgan & guitar); Joe Dozer Smith (diddling); Mary Biddle (diddling); Walter Aldridge (mouthorgan); and John Locke (fiddle) playing his Hornpipe, from the cylinder recording!
MTCD373   45 tracks, 63 minutes + 32 page booklet   £12.00

Phoenix Dance Band

All Fired Up
Phoenix return with 43 more less-than-well-known tunes, forged into 15 new dance sets.
FBR 005   15 tracks, 58 minutes   £10.00

Edward II and the Red Hot Polkas

The Early Recordings 1985-86
All the early tracks from "the best little English dance band on the planet!"
MTCD405   22 tracks, 81 minutes   £10.00

I Wish There Was No Prisons

Various performers
Singers: Harry Upton, Johnny Doughty, George Spicer, Louise Fuller, George Attrill, Fred Jordan, William Harding, Bill Whiting, Percy Bridges, The Cantwell Family, Alice Green, Cyril Nunn, Freda Palmer, Son Townsend, Fred Welfare, Ruth & Clare Pinner.
MTCD372   31 tracks, 81 minutes + 28 page booklet   £12.00

Harry Upton

Why Can't it Always be Saturday?
Harry Upton was born in 1900 in Hove, Sussex.  His father, Frank, from whom he learned most of his songs, was a shepherd from West Blatchington.  Contains almost all of the songs he let Mike Yates record - including Canadee-I-O and The Wreck of the Northfleet.
MTCD371   22 tracks, 78 minutes + 24 page booklet   £12.00

Travellers' Songs from England and Scotland CD-ROM

Digital book with 155 embedded MP3 files, by Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seeger
MacColl and Seeger’s 1977 book was years ahead of its time in terms of its detailed consideration of all aspects of Gypsy and Traveller songs and culture in the UK.  The Introduction and Music Notes are hugely informative, as are the 12 pages on the 18 singers.  All the 131 songs (in 155 versions) are here as full length MP3 recordings, along with the original texts and staff notations.
MTCD254   £12.00

David Stacey

Good Luck to the Journeyman
David Stacey spent many years apple and hop picking in Kent.  There he met many Gypsies and Travellers, and was privy to many of their sing-songs, and learned a good number of their songs.  This is a most interesting and unusual CD.
MTCD360   24 tracks, 74 minutes + 24 page booklet   £12.00

Vaughan Williams in Norfolk CD-ROM

Digital book with 90 embedded midi files, by Alan Helsdon
Requires free Acrobat Reader.
TCD253   £12.00

Sam Larner

Cruising Round Yarmouth
The 1958/60 recordings by Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seeger of this wonderful Norfolk singer - 65 songs and fragments, plus four spoken passages, give a great impression of Sam's life and times - pretty-well his complete recorded repertoire is here.
Winner of the 2014-16 Folklore Society Non-Print Media Award
MTCD369-0   67 tracks, 149 minutes + 48 page booklet   £16.00

Caroline Hughes

Sheep-Crook and Black Dog
This legendary Gypsy singer is thought by many to be the finest exponent of the art.  These are the rarely heard 1963 and 1966 recordings made by MacColl and Seeger, which we're proud to make widely available for the first time.
MTCD365-6  90 tracks, 142 minutes + 48 page booklet   £16.00

Cecilia Costello

"Old Fashioned Songs"
This great singer from Birmingham was just one generation away from rural Ireland, with a repertoire ranging from a never before collected English revenant ballad to the music-hall and pop songs of her youth, few of which have been previously released.
Winner of the 2012-14 Folklore Society Non-Print Media Award
MTCD363-4  89 tracks, 155 minutes + 44 page booklet   £16.00

The Willett Family

Adieu to Old England
Topic released their first LP of English traditional singers in 1963 - The Willett Family.  50 years later we are very pleased to be able to present their complete recorded repertoire.
MTCD361-2  35 tracks, 101 minutes + 28 page booklet   £16.00

Bernie Cherry

With powder, shot and gun
Bernie is an English traditional style singer with a very interesting repertoire of unusual songs, and/or unfamiliar versions. Perhaps, equally importantly, he copies no one - either revivalist or traditional.
MTCD359  21 tracks, 76 minutes + 24 page booklet   £12.00

King's Head Folk Club

Traditional Performers
A double CD of some of the traditional performers who were guests at this North London club in the period 1968 to 1970 : Daisy Chapman, Bob Cann, Lizzie Higgins, Phoebe Smith, Scan Tester,Albert Shaw, Jack Smith, Percy Webb ...
MTCD356-7  48 tracks, 156 minutes + 40 page booklet   £16.00

Harry Langston

Dear Gladys, Dear Gertie ...
Harry Langston has selected his favourite Lancashire dialect poems, written some glorious tunes for them, and sings them superbly. If you like traditional songs, you'll love these 'new' ones you've never heard before.
MTCD352  18 tracks, 74 minutes + 28 page booklet   £12.00

Bill Smith

A country life
Perhaps the only available example of the completely unmediated repertoire of an ordinary countryman, from the centre of England, in the middle of the 20th century.  Recorded by his son over the period 1979 - 1983.
MTCD351  65 tracks, 79 minutes
+ 36 page booklet   £12.00

Fred 'Pip' Whiting

Old-time hornpipes, polkas and jigs
A representative selection of fiddle tunes from Fred 'Pip' Whiting, of Suffolk.  This CD may be seen as a companion-piece to our earlier Stephen Baldwin CD (MTCD334).
MTCD350  42 tracks, 69 minutes + 16 page booklet   £12.00

May Bradley

Sweet Swansea
For the first time, the complete recorded repertoire of this great Gypsy singer, as collected by Fred Hamer.  An absolute 'must' for lovers of English traditional song.
MTCD349  39 tracks, 80 minutes
+ 24 page booklet   £12.00

Ken Langsbury

And then it Happened!
Seventeen of Ken Langsbury's wonderful and unforgetable stories old and new: Swindle 'em Station; The Fire Brigade; The Man from the BBC; Moreton in Marsh; One Thursday Dinnertime; The Cherry Tree; The Bishop of Worcester and ten others.
MTCD348  17 tracks, 63 minutes + 24 page booklet   £12.00

The Brazil Family

Down by the Old Riverside
A selection of songs, ballads and tunes from 13 members the Brazil Family of Gloucester.  A unique compilation of the repertoire of a single English Gypsy family.
3-CD Set: MTCD345-7  89 tracks, 195 minutes + 48 page booklet   £20.00

A Story to Tell

Keith Summers in Suffolk 1972-79
A selection from the Keith Summers collections, 1972-79.  Featuring: Jumbo Brightwell, Alec Bloomfield, Bob Scarce, Cyril Poacher, Jimmy Knights, Oscar Woods, Percy Ling, Billy List, Charlie Whiting, Font Watling, Fred Whiting, Eley Went, Fred List, Fred Pearce, Geoff Ling, George Ling, George Woolnough, Harkie Nesling, Reg Reeder ...
MTCD339-0  75 tracks, 160 minutes + 52 page booklet   £16.00

Lizzie Higgins

In Memory of ...
A memorial album of this great Aberdeenshire singer, containing 34 recordings of the best of her songs not currently available on CD, many of which have never been published before.
MTCD337-8  34 tracks, 155 minutes + 36 page booklet   £16.00

Songs from the Golden Fleece

A song tradition today
Songs, ballads and a story from one of today's singing pubs.  Featuring Bob Bray, Audrey Smith, Roger Grimes, Ken Langsbury, Chris Molan, Harry Langston, Martin Graebe, Shan Cowan, Danny Stradling, Rod Stradling, Jeff Gillett.
MTCD335-6  38 tracks, 136 minutes + 28 page booklet   £16.00

Stephen Baldwin

"Here's One You'll Like, I Think"
Containing all the 59 known recordings of Gloucestershire's Stephen Baldwin - village and Morris dance fiddler.  The 28-page booklet contains pretty-well all that is known about him and his family, as well as some information about his musical neighbours in the Forest.
MTCD334  59 tracks, 73 minutes + 28 page booklet   £12.00

The Birds Upon the Tree

More Traditional Songs and Tunes
More from the Mike Yates Collection, featuring Fred Jordan, Packie Manus Byrne, George Fradley, Charlie Bridger, Scan Tester & Rabbidy Baxter, Archer Goode, George Spicer, Bob Blake, Freda Palmer, Ray Driscoll ... 22 of the tracks previously unreleased.
MTCD334  27 tracks, 76 minutes + 24 page booklet   £12.00


Country Songs and Music/b>
Containing all the songs and tunes from the seminal 1971 LP Welcome to Our Fair plus virtually everything else they ever sang or played, in live recordings from the clubs.  It was Oak that really confirmed to me the importance and value of the tradition - Jon Dudley (Copper Family).
MTCD327-8  32 tracks, 106 minutes + 24 page booklet   £16.00

Here's Luck to a Man ...

Various performers
Mike Yates' great 1970s recordings of Mary Ann Haynes, Jasper, Minty, Levi and Derby Smith, Joe and Lena Jones, Alice Penfold, Bill Ellson, Chris Willett.  A superb companion piece to From Puck to Appleby, below.
MTCD320  39 tracks, 79 minutes + 36 page booklet   £12.00

From Puck to Appleby

Various performers
Containing most of Jim Carroll and Pat Mackenzie's 1973-1985 recordings of Irish Travellers in and around London - ballads, songs and stories, 15 of which originally appeared on the cassette Early in the Month of Spring.
MTCD325-6  45 tracks, 158 minutes + 40 page booklet   £16.00

George Dunn

The great Black Country singer - a selection of virtually all the songs he recorded in the early seventies for Roy Palmer, Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seeger, and Charles Parker.
MTCD317-8  45 tracks, 158 minutes + 40 page booklet   £16.00

Kevin and Ellen Mitchell

Have a Drop Mair
Traditional Irish and Scotish songs and ballads from two great singers.  All newly recorded by Rod Stradling in 2000-1 in sparkling digital stereo.
MTCD315-6  39 tracks, 159 minutes + 32 page booklet   £16.00

Ray Andrews

Classic English Banjo
Almost every tune he is known to have recorded - tapes from the mid-seventies and eighties, mostly previously unreleased.
MTCD314  26 tracks, 74 minutes + 32 page booklet   £12.00

Joe Rae

The Broom Blooms Bonny
Eight 'big ballads', three traditional folktales and four songs, recorded by Mike Yates in 2001 - all in sparkling digital stereo.
MTCD313  15 tracks, 74 minutes + 20 page booklet   £12.00

Just Another Saturday Night : Sussex 1960

Various performers
All the songs Brian Matthews recorded in Sussex pubs in 1959/60.  Includes Pop Maynard, Brick Harber, George Spicer, and the never before heard - and truly wonderful - Sarah Porter.
MTCD309-10  51 tracks, 148 mins + 40 page booklet.   £16.00

Daisy Chapman

The great but rarely-heard Buchan, Aberdeenshire, singer.  All the songs she is known to have recorded from 1965/70.
MTCD308  23 tracks, 68 minutes + 32 page booklet.   £12.00

Wiggy Smith & other Smith Family members

Band of Gold
All the songs they recorded for Peter Shepheard, Mike Yates, Gwilym Davies and Paul Burgess in 1966/99.  Includes songs from both Denny and Biggun Smith.
MTCD307  33 tracks, 74 minutes + 28 page booklet   £12.00

Walter Pardon

Put a Bit of Powder on it, Father
The other songs of Walter Pardon.  All the songs not currently available on CD elsewhere.  1978/82 recordings from Mike Yates.
MTCD305-6  49 tracks, 146 minutes + 44 page booklet   £16.00

George Townshend

Come, Hand to Me the Glass
The new double CD version.  All the songs he recorded for Brian Matthews in 1960/61, plus all the 19 songs he recorded for Ken Stubbs.
MTCD304-5  53 tracks, 154 minutes + 28 page booklet   £16.00

Cyril Poacher

Plenty of Thyme
Every song he is known to have recorded.  1965/78 tapes from Ginette Dunn, Tony Engle, Neil Lanham, Keith Summers, Mike Yates.
MTCD303  31 tracks, 72 minutes + 32 page booklet   £12.00

Bob Hart

A Broadside
Every song he is known to have recorded.  1969 tapes from Bill Leader and Rod & Danny Stradling.
MTCD301-2  46 tracks, 144 minutes + 36 page booklet   £16.00

East Anglia Sings

The legendary 1947 broadcast
E J Moeran recordings from the celebrated singing pubs, Eastbridge Eel's Foot and Sutton Windmill.  Featuring Jumbo Brightwell, Fred Ginger, Jack Clark, John 'Charger' Salmons, Charlie Chettleburgh, Harry Cox, Walter Gales, William Miller and Elijah Bell.
SFO 005  16 tracks, 51 minutes, no booklet   £5.00

Pop Maynard

Down the Cherry Tree
For completists: all the songs and fragments Brian Matthews recorded from him in 1959-60, 11 of which also appear on MTCD309-0.
MTCD401-2  32 tracks, 93 minutes, no booklet   £10.00