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East Anglia Sings

E J Moeran's legendary 1947 Third Programme Broadcast
(SFO 005)

Track List:

From Eastbridge Eel's Foot:
    Mrs Harding
    Jumbo Brightwell
    Fred Ginger
    Jack Clark
    step dancing
    The False Hearted Knight
    The Old Sow
    The Dark-eyed Sailor
From Sutton Windmill:
    John 'Charger' Salmons    
    Charlie Chettleburgh
    Harry Cox
    Harry Cox
    Walter Gales
    William Miller
    Elijah Bell
    Harry Cox
    Harry Cox
    Rigs of the Times
    Lost Lady Found
    The Bonny Bunch of Roses
    Barton Broad Ditty
    As I Walked out one May Morning
    Happy and Delightful
    The Wreck of the Ramillies
    The Barley Straw
    The Fowler