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When Cecil left the Mountains

Historic recordings of Appalachian singers
and musicians 1927 - 1955


Track Lists:

CD One:CD Two:
Horton Barker
1. Hares on the Mountain
2. Pretty Sally

Emmett Lundy
3. Belle of Lexington
4. Highlander's Farewell
5. Chapel Hill March

Maud Long
6. The Bird Song
7. A Frog Went a-Courting
8. I Fed My Horse
9. The Tree in the Wood

C B Wohlford
10. Mississippi Sawyer
11. Cumberland Gap

Mrs J (Florence) Puckett
12. Jimmy Randal
13. The Two Brothers
14. The Cuckoo
15. Pat Do This

Mrs Charlie Noel
16. The Cruel Ship's Carpenter
17. Man of Constant Sorrow

Luther Strong
18. Sally Gooden
19. Adeline
20. Slidin' Jenny
21. Liza Jane

F A Church
22. Katy Moray

Jim Howard
23. Groundhog

Mrs Matty S Dameron
24. Turly Yurly
25. Paper of Pins
26. I Had a Little Sweetheart
27. Talks about learning songs

Boyd Asher
28. Old Christmas

Emma Sheltonn
29. Pretty Little Girl
30. The Gypsy Laddie

Mr W H Stockton
31. Sweet William & Lady Marget   

Bill Stepp
32. Dolly
33. Piney Ridge

Emma Shelton
34. Sally Gooden
35. Cripple Creek
36. Shortening Bread
37. Locks and Bolts
38. Sweet William
39. Talk: meeting Cecil Sharp

Emory Stoop
40. Twin Sisters

Dol Small
41. Sir Hugh

Mrs Ella Shelton
42. The Dear Companion

Emmett Lundy
43. Ducks on the Millpond
44. Sugar Hill

Horton Barker
45. There Was An Old Man

Mrs J L (Leila) Yowell
46. There Was An Old Man
Linnie Landers
1. Young Hunting
2. The Wife of Usher's Well

Andy Edwards
3. Candy Girls
4. Bright Camp

Mrs Victoria Morris
5. Jack He Went a-Sailing
6. Wake Up, Wake Up

Luther Strong
7. Give the Fiddler a Dram
8. Leather Britches

Mrs Oscar Allen
9. Two Old Crows
10. John Randal
11. Rock-a-Bye-Baby
12. Down in the Meadow
13. The House Carpenter

Beverley P Baker
14. Waggoner
15. Waynesborough

Mrs Clyde Sturgill
16. Sweet Jane

Eliza Pace
17. Tom Boleyn
18. The Cruel Brothers

Bill Stepp
19. Pretty Little Widow

Emma Shelton
20. Fair Margaret & Sweet William

Bill Stepp
21. The Old Hen, She Cackled
22. Gilder Boy

Emma Shelton
23. The True Lover's Farewell

The Sugarloaf Sheltons
24. Cumberland Gap
25. Little Maggie
26. Pike County Breakdown
27. Fire in the Mountains
28. The Lost Indian
29. Boneyparte's Retreat

Mrs Martha Wiseman Aldridge
30. Pretty Fair Field

Emmett Lundy
31. Julie Ann Johnson

The Shelor Family
32. Big Ben Gal

Dad Blackard's Moonshiners
33. Suzanna Gal
34. Sandy River Belle

The Shelor Family
35. Billy Grimes the Rover

Emmett Lundy
36. Sheep Shell Corn by the
            Rattle of His Horn
37. Jackson's March