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The Birds in the Tree

and other traditional songs and tunes

Track List:

1 -The Birds Upon the Tree Charlie Bridger2:21
2 -The Bonny Labouring Boy Bob Blake2:47
3 -The Man in the Moon Scan Tester & Rabbidy Baxter2:35
4 -Three Jolly Boys George Spicer1:42
5 -Henry My Son Fred Jordan2:42
6 -Mr Lobski Archer Goode2:18
7 -When I Was a Boy George Fradley3:26
8 -The Seeds of Love Unknown singer2:48
9 -Poor Dog Tray Packie Manus Byrne3:54
10 -The Mulberry Bush Harry Cockerill2:19
11 -Jack and the Squire Freda Palmer0:48
12 -The Bonny Light Horseman Jacquey Gabriel3:19
13 -The Doughty Packman Ray Driscoll2:14
14 -The Holly and the Ivy Ivor Hill & family2:23
15 -Little by Little and Bit by Bit Charlie Bridger2:36
16 -I'll Sing of MarthaFreda Palmer1:35
17 -Dales Waltz Harry Cockerill1:46
18 -A British Soldier's Grave Archer Goode4:31
19 -Billy Brown Freda Palmer1:39
20 -The Old Drunken Man Alice Francombe3:40
21 -Feyther Stole the Parson's Sheep George Fradley2:05
22 -The Oyster Girl Harry Cockerill1:29
23 -Johnny o' Hazelgreen Packie Manus Byrne4:31
24 -Nowt to do wi' Me George Fradley4:26
25 -What is the Life of a Man Archer Goode3:17
26 -Wassail Song Alice Francombe4:39
27 -Barbara Allen Debbie & Pennie Davis2:13