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From Puck to Appleby

Songs and stories from
Irish Travellers in England


Track Lists:

CD One
1 -Lady in Her Father's GardenMary Cash5:15
2 -Early in the Month of SpringMikeen McCarthy3:24
3 -There is an Alehouse'Pop's' Johnny Connors2:26
4 -DonnellyMary Delaney2:53
5 -Town of LinsburgMary Delaney5:40
6 -The Half CrownAndy Cash 1:28
7 -Charming Blue Eyed MaryMary Delaney5:45
8 -Gum Shellac'Pop's' Johnny Connors2:34
9 -Constant Farmer's SonJosie Connors7:21
10 -Sam CooperBill Cassidy3:38
11 -If Ever You Go to KilkennyMary Delaney1:51
12 -Go for the Water (Story) Mikeen McCarthy2:38
13 -The Sea CaptainJean 'Sauce' Driscoll2:40
14 -Fourteen Last SundayMary Delaney4:09
15 -BiscayoBill Cassidy6:44
16 -Appleby Fair'Rich' Johnny Connors1:34
17 -Peter ThunderboltMary Delaney4:06
18 -Going to Clonakilty the Other DayMary Delaney1:14
19 -Buried in KilkennyPaddy Reilly3:45
20 -Flowery NolanMikeen McCarthy3:22
21 -Poor Old Man'Pop's' Johnny Connors1:37
22 -In Charlestown there Lived a LassMary Delaney3:37



CD Two

1 -The Blind BeggarPaddy Reilly4:32
2 -Selling the BalladsMikeen McCarthy2:36
3 -The Factory GirlBill Cassidy4:42
4 -I've Buried Three Husbands AlreadyMary Delaney1:39
5 -John Mitchel'Pop's' Johnny Connors4:45
6 -Maid of AughrimPeggy Delaney2:35
7 -My Brother Built Me a Bancy BowerMary Delaney 2:55
8 -Marie (Maureen) from GippurslandBill Bryan3:04
9 -Pretty PollyBill Cassidy7:08
10 -Rambling Candyman'Rich' Johnny Connors1:46
11 -Green Grows the LaurelMary Delaney3:46
12 -Barbary EllenAndy Cash4:46
13 -The Kilkenny Louse HouseMary Reilly3:01
14 -Malone (The Half Crown)Mikeen McCarthy1:17
15 -Finn MacCool and the Two-Headed GiantMikeen McCarthy4:49
16 -Mowing the HayAndy Cash2:51
17 -Phoenix IslandMary Delaney2:00
18 -Navvy Shoes Mary Delaney3:50
19 -Dingle Puck Goat Mikeen McCarthy2:41
20 -Enniscorthy FairBill Cassidy3:53
21 -New Ross TownMary Delaney2:57
22 -One Fine Summer's MorningMikeen McCarthy2:45
23 -What will we do when we'll have no Money?Mary Delaney1:57