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Here's Luck to a Man ...

An Anthology of Gypsy Songs & Music
from South-East England


Track List:

1 -At the Atchin TanMary Ann Haynes1:16
2 -GeorgieJasper Smith1.34
3 -All Through Mi RakliMary Ann Haynes0:50
4 -The King and the Keeper Joe Jones2:37
5 -Hopping Down in Kent / My Lovely HopsMary Ann Haynes2:40
6 -The Little Footman BoyAlice Penfold2:16
7 -Riding Down to PortsmouthMary Ann Haynes1:56
8 -The BroomdasherLevi Smith1:14
9 -The Oyster GirlMary Ann Haynes1:38
10 -Thorneymoor ParkJasper Smith1:22
11 -Waxford TownMary Ann Haynes2:06
12 -Hartlake BridgeJasper Smith1:41
13 -Stepdance TuneBill Ellson0:50
14 -The Old MiserMary Ann Haynes3:10
15 -Are You Married, or Are You Free;
Cuckoo is a Merry Bird; Derby, Derby
Minty Smith1:22
16 -Young Sailor Cut Down in His PrimeBill Ellson1:12
17 -The Rakish Young FellowMary Ann Haynes1:28
18 -If I were a GrinderJasper Smith1:25
19 -Poor LeonardMary Ann Haynes2:29
20 -The Jew's GardenMinty Smith1:08
21 -The Farmer of CheshireMary Ann Haynes2:03
22 -Ripest ApplesJoe Jones1:51
23 -Pepper and Salt (story)Jasper Smith2:14
24 -Waxy Candles (story)Jasper Smith3:36
25 -There'll Come a Time SomedayBill Ellson1:18
26 -Cruel Slavery DaysMary Ann Haynes2:45
27 -The Bloke You Don't Meet Every DayLena Jones1:34
28 -The Sailor BoyMary Ann Haynes2:48
29 -Shooting Spark's Cocks UpJasper Smith1:48
30 -Erin's Lovely HomeMary Ann Haynes2:49
31 -Swinging Down the LaneChris Willett1:53
32 -Long a-GrowingMary Ann Haynes3:22
33 -IYou Subjects of England (Young Taylor)Jasper Smith1:24
34 -Lending & Spending; The Little Bee; Here's
Luck to a Man; Upright & Down;
Bold Reynolds
Joe and Lena Jones2:47
35 -Lord BatemanAlice Penfold3:08
36 -Lovely JohnnyMary Ann Haynes1:06
37 -Whistling Rufus/Brighton CampJasper & Derby Smith2:14
38 -The Little Ball of YarnMary Ann Haynes2:22
39 -Will There be any Travellers in Heaven?Derby Smith3:00