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Wiggy Smith

and other members of the Smith Family

Band of Gold (MTCD307)

Track List:

  1. The Deserter
  2. Where the River Shannon Flows
  3. I'm a Romani Rai
  4. My Ship Lost Her Rigging   (Biggun)
  5. You Are the Only Good Thing that have Happened to Me
  6. Rich Farmer of Sheffield
  7. Galloway Man   (Wisdom)
  8. Diddling/Mandi went to Puv the Grai
  9. Strawberry Roan
  10. When I was a Young Man   (and Wisdom)
  11. Go From My Window   (Wisdom)
  12. Dunkirk Bay
  13. The High-Low Well
  14. Robin Hood and the Pedlar   (Denny)
  15. The Cock Flit Up in the Yew Tree
  16. Oakham Poachers
  17. Lord Bateman
  18. Lord Bateman   (Denny)
  19. Riding Along in a Free Train/Mother's the Queen of my Heart
  20. Barb'ry Ellen
  21. Hobbling Off to the Workhouse Door
  22. The Barley Straw   (Biggun)
  23. The Barley Straw   (Denny)
  24. I'll Take My Dog and My Airgun Too
  25. Ikey Moses
  26. Don't Laugh at Me, 'Cos I'm a Fool
  27. Ship Carpenter's Mate
  28. The Cruel Ship's Carpenter   (Denny)
  29. That Little Old Band of Gold
  30. Auntie Maggie's Homemade Remedy
  31. Three Jolly Butcher Boys   (Biggun)
  32. When Schooldays are Over
  33. My Boyfriend Gave me an Apple   (Jean & Rachel)