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Bob Hart

A Broadside (MTCD301-2)

Track List:

CD 1

CD 2

  1. Come All You Young Fellows (Australia)
  2. Comrades
  3. His Day's Work was Done
  4. All Jolly Fellows that Follow the Plough
  5. A Miner's Dream of Home
  6. On the Banks of Allen Water
  7. As I Strolled out to Aylesbury
  8. Tom Bowling
  9. Barbara Allen
  10. The Song of the Thrush
  11. A Broadside
  12. One Touch of Nature
  13. The Mermaid
  14. Banks of the Sweet Primroses
  15. Bonny Mary of Argyll
  16. John Barleycorn
  17. City of Laughter, City of Tears
  18. Michael Larney-O
  19. The Bold Princess Royal
  20. The Gypsy's Warning
  21. Jolly Jack the Sailor Lad
  22. Just Before the Battle, Mother
  23. The Farmer's Servant (Rap-a-Tap-Tap)
  1. What a Funny Little Place to Have One
  2. Bold General Wolfe
  3. I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen
  4. Cod Banging-O
  5. Seventeen Come Sunday
  6. Silver Threads Among the Gold
  7. Paradise Street (Blow the Man Down)
  8. White Wings
  9. A Young Sailor Cut Down in His Prime
  10. My Little Grey Home in the West
  11. The Female Cabinboy
  12. Why Shouldn't we Sing
  13. The Scarlet and the Blue
  14. You Taught me How to Love You
  15. The Drum Went Bang (Flanagan's Band)
  16. The Foggy Dew
  17. Won't you Buy my Pretty Flowers
  18. Break the News to Mother
  19. The Dark Eyed Sailor
  20. The Hymns My Mother Used to Sing
  21. While Shepherds Watched
  22. Underneath Her Apron
  23. Let the Rest of the World Go By