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Table of Contents

Part I.  The concertina in the world of the house dance

Chapter 1.  Introduction

Chapter 2.  Old-style octave playing on the Anglo concertina

Chapter 3.  In their own words: playing for house dances

Chapter 4.  Nineteenth century social dances

Chapter 5.  A global music

Chapter 6.  A harvest lost: the banning of house dancing in early twentieth century Ireland

Part II.  The musicians: An archive

Chapter 7.  Australia
 Dooley Chapman
 George Bennett
  Con Klippel
 Jim Harrison
 Charlie Ordish
 Fred Holland
 Clem O'Neal
 Susan Colley
 Ernie James
 Percy Yarnold

Chapter 8.  Ireland
Group 1:  Musicians of the house dance repertoire
 Mary Ann Carolan
 Ella Mae O'Dwyer
 Katey Hourican
 Terry Teahan
 Stack Ryan
  Jim Droney
 Martin Howley
Group 2:  Musicians of the céilí dance era
 Elizabeth Crotty
 William Mullaly
 Michael Doyle
 Patrick Flanagan
 Tom Barry

Chapter 9.  England
 William Kimber
 Scan Tester
 Ellis Marshall
 Fred Kilroy
 Eric Holland
 Bill Link

Chapter 10.  South Africa
 Faan Harris
 Chris Chomse
 Kerrie Bornman
 Hans Bodenstein
 Willie Palm
 Pietie Prinsloo
 Silver de Lange

Chapter 11.  Modern players in the old style
 Australia: Ian Simpson, Ray Simpson, Keith Klippel, Peter Ellis, Dave de Hugard
 England: Will Duke, Dave Prebble, Harry Scurfield
 Ireland: Sean O'Dwyer
 South Africa: Stephaan van Zyl

Chapter 12.  Playing in octaves: a brief tutorial

Chapter 13:  Resources