Here's Luck to a Man ...

An Anthology of Gypsy Songs & Music from South-East England

36 page booklet, 39 tracks, 79 mins duration.

Mike Yates' great 1970s recordings of Mary Ann Haynes, Jasper, Minty, Levi and Derby Smith, Joe and Lena Jones, Alice Penfold, Bill Ellson, Chris Willett.  A superb companion piece to From Puck to Appleby.

Track List:
1 -At the Atchin TanMary Ann Haynes
2 -GeorgieJasper Smith
3 -All Through Mi RakliMary Ann Haynes
4 -The King and the Keeper Joe Jones
5 -Hopping Down in Kent / My Lovely HopsMary Ann Haynes
6 -The Little Footman BoyAlice Penfold
7 -Riding Down to PortsmouthMary Ann Haynes
8 -The BroomdasherLevi Smith
9 -The Oyster GirlMary Ann Haynes
10 -Thorneymoor ParkJasper Smith
11 -Waxford TownMary Ann Haynes
12 -Hartlake BridgeJasper Smith
13 -Stepdance TuneBill Ellson
14 -The Old MiserMary Ann Haynes
15 -Are You Married, or Are You Free;
Cuckoo is a Merry Bird; Derby, Derby
Minty Smith
16 -Young Sailor Cut Down in His PrimeBill Ellson
17 -The Rakish Young FellowMary Ann Haynes
18 -If I were a GrinderJasper Smith
19 -Poor LeonardMary Ann Haynes
20 -The Jewís GardenMinty Smith
21 -The Farmer of CheshireMary Ann Haynes
22 -Ripest ApplesJoe Jones
23 -Pepper and Salt (story)Jasper Smith
24 -Waxy Candles (story)Jasper Smith
25 -Thereíll Come a Time SomedayBill Ellson
26 -Cruel Slavery DaysMary Ann Haynes
27 -The Bloke You Donít Meet Every DayLena Jones
28 -The Sailor BoyMary Ann Haynes
29 -Shooting Sparkís Cocks UpJasper Smith
30 -Erinís Lovely HomeMary Ann Haynes
31 -Swinging Down the LaneChris Willett
32 -Long a-GrowingMary Ann Haynes
33 -You Subjects of England (Young Taylor)Jasper Smith
34 -Lending & Spending; The Little Bee;
Hereís Luck to a Man; Upright & Down;
Bold Reynolds
Joe and Lena Jones
35 -Lord BatemanAlice Penfold
36 -Lovely JohnnyMary Ann Haynes
37 -Whistling Rufus/Brighton CampJasper & Derby Smith
38 -The Little Ball of YarnMary Ann Hayne
39 -Will There be any Travellers in Heaven?Derby Smith