The English Country Dance Band
Barn Dance


5 page booklet, 14 tracks, 57 mins duration.

26 tunes for 14 dances with full dance instructions

Track Lists:

1. Three Around Three (Polka) Three Around / Three Speed the Plough
2. Notingham Swing (Slow Hornpipe) The Cliffe / The Gloucester
3. Haste to the Wedding (Jig) Haste to the Wedding / Trip to the Forest
4. Soldier'S Joy (Rant) Soidier's joy / Lemmie Brazil's
5. Galopede (Polka) Galopede / The Tanner Man
6. Cumberland Square Eight (Jig) The Queen's Jig / The Basque Jig
7. Steamboat (Sailor's Hornpipe) Jack Robinson / Steamboat / The Swiss Boy
8. Heel-and-Toe (Polka) Heel-and-Toe Polka
9. Sir Roger De Coverley (Slip Jig) Sir Roger De Coverley
10. Circle Waltz (Waltz) Waltz for the Veleta
11. Dashing White Sergeant (Polka) Dashing White Sergeant / Brighton Camp
12. Pride of Dingle (March) Clee Hill / Belle Isles
13. The Triumph (Polka) The Triumph
14. Circasian Circle (6/8 March) Oyster Girl / My Love, My Love
Running Time 56:49