Rod Stradling + Feckless

Rhythms of the Wold

3 page booklet, 14 tracks, 62 mins duration

Rod's band of the time, Feckless (Phil Bird, Steve Crickett, John Eastaugh, Tony Engle, Alan Lamb and Danny Stradling) appear on five of the tracks.  Plus guest appearances by Jon Moore (electric guitar) on four tracks, and Ron Kavana (guitar, bouzouki, slide guitar, drums, bones) on two tracks.

Track List:

  1.   The Shameless Glutton
  2.   The Sportsman's Hornpipe
  3.   Bonaparte's Retreat
  4.   The Star Above the Garter / Polesana
  5.   Highland Mary / Old Tom Of Oxford
  6.   Valsivien di Imo / Masurca Uaciacalpians /
                                        The Boys of Balisodare

  7.   The Caswell Coconut Dance / Polstead Road.
  8.   Lewis James' Quadrille / La Peronista
  9.   The Sweetness of Mary
10.   Enrico / Ashling
11.   Rock The Cradle, Joe / Norton Greens
12.   The Kerry Mills Barndance / Brimfield
13.   The Arkansas Schottische / The Weavers' March
14.   The Trip We Took Over the Mountains / Pive.